Alumni relation program is a post-activities activity that is aimed to create a database and relation building between Bakrie Center Foundation and its past programs’ participants. العاب بوكر اون لاين The Alumni Relation Program will be the hub of information regarding our alumni and their current contributions to the society and the environment. قمار اون لاين Programs provided by Bakrie Center Foundation is aiming to create bright future leaders, that will not only being prospected as future leaders that will benefit themselves, the programs also aimed to create future leaders who give direct contributions and benefits to the society surrounded. مواقع قمار Towards this program, Bakrie Center Foundation will further analyze how successful are our programs in giving contributions to the future of Indonesia.

○      Background of the Program: Our targeted graduate students are not merely financially independent individuals, but also the educated individuals who can contribute to the society through their capacity.

○      Theme: BGF Alumni for Indonesia

○      Participants: BGF’s alumni across generations (delegations from every batch) from all our Partner Universities.

○      General Concept: BGF’s alumni have to be able to execute successful solutions of the current problems emerging in the society around them.

Types of Activities that will be Recorded: Competition intern-universities/volunteering activity